The ability to easily manage mulitple sites has been a popular request from many customers. Its taken a while, but the flexibility in publishing and pricing is just as flexible as before, but also allows pushing the one package to as many store fronts as you like. We know our customers with many sites will appreciate the time savings.

Customers get the same easy service browsing and purchasing, but behind the scenes in the call center all the requests now come into a central processing queue for triage and processing. We know from all the feedback a single requests view is critical to scaling out to many sites. So that's what've we've built. We hope it makes Leap Plaza more useful.

How it works

In the Catalog, you are now able to select mulitple stores for each package.


For each store, you can price packages differently, allowing special pricing for select groups of customers.


When requests come into the system for processing, you get a clear indication of which community store the customer has purchased from.


Finally, to help tracking, all reports and the dashboard have been updated to include which store sales and other activity are coming from.


There a nummerous other small changes as well. For complete details, see the full Release Notes.